Supplier and Vendor Management

Managing vendors and suppliers with excellence on a single platform results in cost savings in addition to reducing risk and liability. Most importantly having Auburn Group manage suppliers and vendors results in increased productivity for your company. That productivity results from being free of the administrative burdens, hassles, and headaches that are the natural byproduct of vendors and suppliers. Because of our business model of hiring industry experts we have the ability to hire the highest quality vendors and suppliers. We know the industries and can effectively negotiate and communicate effectively with our former peers.

The Auburn Group (4)

The Auburn Group has a large and growing network of local and large suppliers and vendors that are the best in their respective industries. Rather than taking the easy route of selecting one company to cover multi- location clients we work with the best company in each city throughout the United States.  This insures every facility gets the absolute best treatment and service.

The first step in supplier and vendor management is creating a clear unified vision on all fronts. This is the only way optimization will ever be achieved. Our clients receive an Auburn Group expert consultant that will perform site visits and help create the vision that fits our client’s goals.

Once the vision is in place Auburn Group executes and places new vendors and suppliers, or works to improve the existing companies.

Auburn group absorbs all responsibility and is responsible for achieving excellence for the duration of every contract.

Here are the Auburn Group Benefits:

  • The day to day tasks and management are off your team’s plate. Every communication, problem, or questions flows through our exceptional team. That frees up your team or department to do what they are paid to do.
  • The choice of vendors and suppliers is no longer a guess. You get somebody who has worked in the industry, has in depth knowledge, and can speak the language.
  • Auburn Group bears all the responsibility of the vendors. If they do not perform with a high level of quality than we replace them with a vendor that will.
  • Whether you have remote locations in small markets or large locations in major markets– Auburn Group can service it!
  • We are big enough to negotiate but small enough to understand that people are always involved. We make decisions to keep people happy. Frustrated employees are not productive employees.
  • We remain on the cutting edge of technology and market improvements. We pride ourselves on being the proverbial lead horse that all of our competitor are trying to catch. We constantly seek improvement knowing competitors are always trying to replicate our success.

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