Vending Machines. Office Coffee Service. Water Coolers. Micro Markets.

These are aspects of your business you shouldn’t have to deal with.

Selecting a vendor is a tough process. Most vendors appear the same. The truth is many of them sell the same products for about the same price.touchscreen-vending-machine-america

The real difference is how well they provide service, how well they operate their business, and what versions of equipment and technology they have. That can be tough to investigate. Everyone says they are the best. Nobody walks into a sales meeting and says they are not very good. These services make no money for your company, so there is little sense investing endless hours performing site visits and doing deep research into these vendors. Even if you go through all the trouble to source and vet multiple vendors and you finally make your choice. What happens if you were wrong? What if they turn out to have over exaggerated their skill level. Now you are stuck with them until you can get out of the contract. Then you start the process all over again!!

downloadWith The Auburn Group we are the no nonsense easy choice in Vending Machines, Coffee Services, Water coolers, and Micro Markets. We are industry experts, so we can speak the language of vendors. We can ask the in depth questions about equipment, technology, business methods, and processes. Chances are we already have a relationship with a high quality local vendor in your city anywhere in the United States. If not, we will spend time with boots on the ground visiting and interviewing local vendors in and around your city anywhere in the United States.

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Auburn Group provides you with the best fit for you business whether that is the most modern advance vendors in the country or a small local vendor for some of your auxiliary sites. Multi location vending has never been better– now that Auburn Group is servicing large businesses all throughout the United States.

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